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I caught the ball!

Church picnic fun!

Teen programs

Many churches assert that Youth programs must be a significant part of church life because children are the future of the church. We certainly don’t disagree.

Arts campBut we also believe that Youth are our present.
Seeing God through a young person’s eyes, gives us all a much-needed reawaking to the possibilities of faith. Hearing a young person sing a hymn or deliver a sermon helps us remember the astounding love that is offered to us by Christ. And helping a young person through times of doubt and uncertainty helps us to reclaim our own beliefs with greater clarity and commitment.

We have a core group of young people who are making the decisions about the shape of their faith formation and how they wish to live that out in the world. Fun is definitely part of the mix. But so is service and worship. So is learning more about the Word of God and figuring out how to navigate a Christ-like path in a secular world.

Giant bubbleDid I mention the fun?












Youth group

Please check the church calendar for upcoming events.